Board Member Spotlight for August 2020

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Beth Albrecht

Job Title: Water Resources Engineer

Organization:  Brown and Caldwell

What is your job in 30 words or less? 
I help clients across public, non-profit and private institutions with water resources issues including water supply planning, water rights, and water quality.

AWRA Member for # years:  4 years

Positions held in AWRA and years:  
Secretary & Chair of News and Outreach Committee (2018-2020)

President-Elect (2020-present)

What is your hometown?  Sheboygan, Wisconsin

What is one thing you like to do for fun?

I enjoy spending time outdoors, adventuring in the wilderness with my husband and dogs.

How long have you worked in the water industry and what first sparked your interest in this field?

? Ever since I can remember, water has been integral in my life. I grew up near Lake Michigan and spent summers with my family on lakes in northern Wisconsin. The connection with water carried into adulthood, and that is what drew me to the water resources field. I have been working in the industry for 8 years. 

Is there a particular project or program that you have worked on or are working on right now that you would like to tell us about?  My colleagues and I are working with the CWCB on the Basin Implementation Plan and Water Plan Updates. This is an exciting time across the state, where basin roundtables, local experts and stakeholders are collaborating to plan for our water’s future.

What are some upcoming trends or challenges you see with Colorado water? 

The coronavirus disruption and subsequent budgetary implications will be a challenge for water users to navigate as we enter this uncertain future.

What value or benefit does being a Colorado AWRA member bring you?  

AWRA-Colorado provides me with the opportunity to network and stay informed about the industry while learning about an array of water resources topics.

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