Board Member Spotlight for September 2020

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Mark Mitisek

Job Title:  Project Manager – Integrated Modeling Practice Lead

Organization:  LRE Water, Inc.

What is your job in 25 words or less? 
I support public and private clients in the development, management, and planning of water supply projects and hydrologic studies throughout Colorado.

AWRA Member for # years:
  12 years

Position held in AWRA and years:  Board Member at Large (2019 and 2020)

What is your hometown? Grand Junction, Colorado

What is one thing you like to do for fun?
Archery.  I am an avid bow hunter and enjoy every second I get in the woods each Fall.

How long have you worked in the water industry and what first sparked your interest in this field? 

I have been in the water industry about 15 years. Early on I realized that all of my passions revolved around one thing “water”.  It never gets old watching a stream flow or the rain fall, water is the life blood of our communities and the environment, supporting industry and recreation and will always be essential. 

Is there a particular project or program that you have worked on or are working on right now that you would like to tell us about? 

My passion project that I am most proud in my career is the Sterling Ranch Rainwater Harvesting Pilot Study.  Sterling Ranch is a planned development in northwestern Douglas County.  The development has set a new precedence for water conservation standards in the State of Colorado, implementing tiered rates based on projected water use, and an indoor and outdoor metering program.  In addition, Sterling Ranch is the first rainwater harvesting pilot project in the state.  The use of rainwater as a water supply in the state of Colorado is currently illegal as the result of the prior appropriation water rights system.  The pilot program allows for the opportunity to develop rainwater as a supplemental supply for irrigation, while working within the State of Colorado water court process. I am the manager of the Pilot Study and I'm responsible for quantifying the amount of natural precipitation that can legally be used as a supply using physically based models. The results of the study are ongoing, but are promising.  Showing harvested precipitation is a viable and important water supply for Colorado’s future.

What are some upcoming trends or challenges you see with Colorado water? 

Call it efficiency, call it integration, or call it reuse.  Smart planning and use of a finite resource and doing more with less, is the upcoming trends and challenges we face in the Colorado water community.  I see the value of water and our values around water being important drivers in the years to come.

What value or benefit does being a Colorado AWRA member bring you?  
As a member-supported organization, AWRA Colorado is inherently interested in projects and technical information that drive the water resources community and industry in Colorado.  AWRA provides relevant information about a wide range of technical topics, the opportunity to build important professional relationships and contribute back to the water community in a meaningful way. 

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