Board Member Spotlight for December 2020

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Britta Strother, PMP Env Sp

Job Title:   Business Development Manager/Project Manager

Organization:  Johnson, Mirmiran, & Thompson, Inc.

What is your job in 25 words or less? 

My job has two key components: 1. Develop a business development and marketing strategy for JMT in Colorado, and 2. Pursue, lead, and manage new and ongoing projects.

AWRA Member for # years:  3 years

Position held in AWRA:  
AWRA Colorado at Director at Large

What is your hometown?   Castle Rock, CO

What is one thing you like to do for fun?

In normal years I do a lot of triathlons (mostly Olympic and 70.3 distances) but I generally enjoy any opportunity to get into the woods backpacking, skiing, canoeing, etc. My favorite non-active thing to do is knit. I design and knit everything and anything you could imagine (sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, and cuddly stuffed animals).

How long have you worked in the water industry and what first sparked your interest in this field? 

I have been in the water industry since 2007. No specific moment sparked my interest in this field. Reflecting on this I believe I was always interested in water and that this interest was heightened in graduate school.

What is one thing you wish you knew prior to starting your career?    

I wish that I had known that it was possible to maintain my passions outside of work while continuing to develop professionally. For too long I prioritized work over my personal passions and maxed out my PTO. I learned many years into my career the importance of taking time off and maintaining other interests. It makes me better in all aspects of my life, not just my career. 

Is there a particular project or program that you have worked on or are working on right now that you would like to tell us about? 

Right now I am working supporting clients in their compliance with America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA). AWIA requires that all water providers that serve a population of 3,000 or greater certify with the US EPA the completion of a risk and resilience assessment of their critical assets, and update or create an emergency response plan. I’ve enjoyed working with clients through this process, learning more about their systems, and facilitating their internal conversations.

What are some upcoming trends or challenges you see with Colorado water? 

I think Colorado is going to continue to see a trend of collaboration between water providers to create additional efficiencies within their financial and physical infrastructure.

What value or benefit does being a Colorado AWRA member bring you?  
Being a member of Colorado AWRA provides me a forum to network with and learn from other professionals in Colorado’s diverse water community. Long before I became a member I attended AWRA lunch and learns. I am happy to be a member now, but wish I had considered it long ago.

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